About Tree Doctor

Tree Doctor is often called Tree Surgeon who provides all areas of tree care. Tree Doctor assesses and consults famous old trees all over Japan and preserves the environment around the trees.


Diagnosis service by the Picus Sonic Tomograph

Fee service using tomography of trees offered. With Picus Sonic Tomograph (PICUS-8) we can check inside of trees without harm. By this machine we can assess the location and size of tree cavities and the state of decay in color graphic. This is epoch-making survey system to diagnose the health of tree, to uncover the level of danger, and to determine the most proper treatment of the tree.

About Landscape

It means all round view of environment surrounding Humans in Japanese translation, originated from "Landschaft" in German. The word consisted of two ideographic characters, first letter represents light while latter means view.

Landscape indicates how we humans comprehend Nature. Depending on the level of human involvement and the state of original natural environment, the landscape varies from deep forest, inhabitant mountain, rural, city landscape to coastal. There shall be as many landscape designs as the number of people and cultures. With the factors required for landscape designing such as psychological effects by imaging and visual impression, we specially aim to create the best possible landscape not only suitable for human but also other living creatures.

Landscape design / Exterior Gardening / Special Greening, Rooftop Garden / Japanese Garden, Tea Ceremony Garden


About Other Services

Kofu takes it as our pride to offer our client the landscape designing to meet specific needs and requirement in local environment. We can visit the site no matter how far it is and work fully utilizing our network and expertise as Tree Doctor.

We can design the landscape and manage the project while local firm selected from our reliable contact list will carry out actual on-site job. Our philosophy, “Creating landscape of bright life” represents our goal to build foundation for future society where healthy eco-circulation continues to work, so that we can offer beautiful landscape where Humans and other creatures' life are brightened vividly.

We are looking forward to meeting with many people whom we can assist to create landscape. Consultation and quotation are on request. Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to assist your special projects, such as landscape design of Japanese garden overseas.